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by Felipe Vega, MD, FACS

Dear members of the Panamerican Trauma Society,                   


First of all, I want to congratulate you for being such an invaluable part of this society and thank you for having participated in the XXXI Panamerican Trauma Congress held in conjunction with the Colombian Surgical Association. The congress was a success and the new program format allowed for the exchange of experiences and sharing of ideas, discussion of clinical cases and the development of guidelines by our professional association. The learning experience was tremendous. My most sincere congratulations, respect and gratitude to Dr. Sandro Rizoli for his teachings during his presidency, a performance which will be hard to match.

In the same way, we will seek to open the channels of cooperation with other agencies such as the WHO and PAHO seeking to obtain their support to issue recommendations and develop awareness amongst the ministries of health, universities and local, state and national governments in the development of trauma systems in Latin America, improve quality and increase data registration.

We will work hard in the benefit to our entire society and its members, seeking to be more effective and improve communication between different countries of the entire American continent.

We are beginning the journey towards our next meeting in Chile in November 2019, where again we will are sure to have a fruitful and highly academic meeting.

The main objective of the Executive Committee is to promote union and teamwork among its members.

I exhort you to redouble the efforts in favor of developing and improving trauma care in the Americas.

Best, Regards

Felipe Vega, MD, FACS

 Click to see video message      Currently, in this period 2018-2019, it is of the utmost importance to remain united and constructive, it is time to establish a more effective communication between the Panamerican Trauma Society and the surgical societies in different countries, strengthen the bonds of friendship and lobby to develop relationships with those societies with which we have not developed a bond. I can tell you that I am committed to try to be in direct contact with the different surgical, emergency and critical care societies in order to make our society better known and expand our relationship with the different societies. 

Past Presidents 

                                         Sandro Rizoli, MD                                   Carlos A. Ordoñez, MD  
Michel Aboutanos, MD
Gustavo P. Fraga, MD  
Manuel Lorenzo, MD  
Anamaria Pacheco, MD  
Juan Carlos Puyana, MD  
Renato Poggetti, MD  
Raul Coimbra, MD  
David Ortega, MD  
Aurelio Rodriguez, MD  
Samir Rasslam, MD  
Andrew Peitzman, MD  
Jorge Neira, MD  
David Mulder, MD  
Carlos Morales, MD  
Ernest Moore, MD  
Kimball Maull, MD  
Charles Lucas, MD  
Juan Lombardi, MD  
Rao Ivatury, MD  
David Hoyt, MD  
Francisco Holguin, MD  
Gerado Gomez, MD  
Jose Eduardo Gracia, MD  
Ricardo Ferrada, MD  
David Feliciano, MD  
Susan Briggs, MD  
Dario Birolini, MD  
Armando Baqueiro, MD  


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