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The Research Proctorship Program (RPP) has as its main objective the elevation of the quality of the clinical research being carried out in Latin America and its international recognition via publication in peer review journals.
To be able to achieve this goal, the program concentrates its efforts in creating a partnership among three equally important and essential partners:

1. Young Investigators (YI): 

The primary goal of the YI is to create a high quality research abstract with the assistance of the Proctor. A secondary goal will be expanding that work to a full manuscript with the aid of the Proctor for its publication in the journal of the Society (since these are the property of the PTS). In order to achieve this, the following items deserve further clarification:

  1. A program will establish communication between proctors and YI's that express interest in proctorship. 

  2. The YI needs to express interest in proctorship by submitting a one page summary of their research project with a clear statement of their hypothesis and expected outcomes.  If chosen, the YI will be informed promptly via email by the designated Proctor. 

  3. The YI will be committed to working promptly and efficiently with their corresponding Proctor. 

  4. The goal between the YI and the Proctor will be to improve the overall quality of the abstract being submitted to the PTS Congress.

  5. The YI will agree to acknowledge the help of the Proctor and his or her institution as part of the contributing authors of the work being submitted to the PTS Congress or any other venue where the work is submitted in the future. Inclusion of the proctor as a co-author will be optional (not a requirement) if all the authors agree to do so.

  6. ALL authors must sign the MOU (mentioned below) with the PTS in order to participate in the RRP.

2. Proctor:

The primary goal of the Proctor is to create a high quality research abstract supplied by his or her assigned YI. A secondary goal will be expanding that work to a full manuscript for its publication.

  1. Proctor designation will be assigned by the PTS Education and Research committee Chair: Dr. Paula Ferrada, in collaboration with the Sub-Committee co-Chairs, Dr. Juan Duchesne and Dr. Michael Parra, based on their area of interest and expertise. Once the Proctors are identified, their respective area of interest will be obtained based on PTS abstract submission topics.

  2. To be eligible to become a Proctor, the applicant must have experience in conducting research and publishing in the areas of Trauma/Critical Care and/or Acute Care Surgery. The applicant must be an active member of the Panamerican Trauma Society with a proven record of publication experience. 

  3. PTS Research Sub-Committee co-Chairs will assign the selected YI proposals to the respective Proctors by matching proposals with the Proctors area of interest. 

  4. The Proctor will be assigned a maximum of two (2) abstracts among those reviewed, to become the Proctor for the corresponding YI. 

  5. The Proctor will be committed to working promptly and efficiently with their corresponding YI.

3. Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS): 

  1. The PTS will provide two separate electronic MOU's; one for the participating YI and co-authors, and another for the selected Proctors. Each MOU will clearly delineate the rights and obligations of each accepting body in the PTS Research Proctorship Program. The agreement will be a binding MOU among all three entities (YI, Proctor and the PTS) and will be readily available on the official website of the PTS. 

  2. The PTS will independently decide which abstracts will be accepted for presentation to the upcoming PTS Congress , regardless if the abstract participated in the PTS Research Proctorship Program or not. 

  3. The PTS will promptly inform (via email) both the Proctor and the corresponding YI if their abstract was selected for presentation at the upcoming PTS Congress. 

  4. Another reminder: ALL abstracts and manuscripts presented at the PTS Congress will become the property of the PTS. A complete manuscript must be submitted by the deadline to the PTS office AND the editors at The PAJTCCES will have the first right of refusal of the manuscript.

Submission Requirements:

The abstracts must be sent via email as a word document with the following subheadings:

  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusions

The abstracts must be emailed to for revision prior to the due date of the Call for Abstracts .

Please send your abstract to the correct address Do not submit online, or email to another email address. 

DISCLAIMER: The PTS Research Proctorship Program (RPP) DOES NOT guarantee immediate acceptance of an abstract for presentation at the PTS Congress. Authors who participate in the RPP must adhere to all the requirements stated on the PTS' call for abstracts and submit their papers through the regular email submission process on the due date. The papers submitted on time will be evaluated by a program selection committee for acceptance. 


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