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PTS Event Endorsements

Every year the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) receives endorsement requests from other organizations asking for endorsement of their activities.

The information below provides a criteria under which the PTS will agree to endorse a scientific event.

General Conditions for Endorsement

  • The PTS endorses scientific events that helps the Society fulfill its mission and vision.
  • The event content should be focused on trauma, critical care and acute care surgery.
  • The value of the scientific program should be evident by the status and expertise of the speakers participating on the event.
  • Applications for endorsement will be reviewed and approved by the PTS Executive Committee.
  • Application should include:
    • Official request of endorsement by submitting online endorsement request
    • Preliminary scientific program and list of speakers
  • The scientific program should include international speakers, and PTS members representing the PTS.
  • The PTS will not support any event financially.
  • The PTS official officers will not be involved in organizing the scientific event.
  • The proposed event must not compete with PTS annual meeting, activities, or initiatives.
  • The event should promote PTS activities and membership, and the event organizer should:
    • Provide the PTS a time-slot on the scientific program for a PTS presentation.  If possible, provide international travel support for 1-2 PTS members who will give this PTS presentation.
    • Organize at least one PTS course during the event.
    • Offer PTS members a discount on event registration. The organizer must provide information of event registration fees and discount to PTS members.
    • Display and promote PTS annual meeting information.
    • Provide a complementary booth or space at the event.
  • The endorsement is granted only for a specific period of time for an explicit event to PTS affiliated societies and organization.

Use of the PTS Name and Logo

  • The Panamerican Trauma Society name, logo, acronym, and tag line are registered trademarks and are property of the PTS. These elements cannot be used for any reason without the express written consent of the PTS.
  • The PTS, represented by PTS official officers, will grant the event manager the use of the PTS logo on official documents related to the event, and during the time span of the event only. The PTS logo can be used on the event’s web site, flyers, newsletters, and on other promotional material only.
  • The logo may not be used in any way that could be reasonably interpreted by PTS officers as: 
  • detrimental to the reputation or image of the PTS
  • misrepresentation of affiliation between the event management and PTS
  • a false or implied endorsement, sponsorship, or approval of  PTS support  
  • a violation of any law, regulation, public policy or the rights of others


  • The PTS reserves the right to decline any submission.
  • The PTS reserves the right to request parties cease usage of the logo in instances where it deems the usage as inappropriate, misleading or in violation of any law or regulation.
  • The use of the PTS web site links does not constitute PTS endorsement.

Other Important Information

  • Successful applications will be confirmed only after the PTS Executive Committee reviews and approves the application.
  • Applications must be emailed to
  • Applicants must complete all steps of the application to be considered. 

Requests for PTS Endorsement must be submitted via

PTS Endorsement Application Form

Please email the completed form and supporting documentation to

   Every request will be reviewed by the Executive Committee.     

If possible, provide international travel support for 1-2 PTS members who will give this PTS presentation.
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