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The Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) in collaboration with the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma-International Relations Committee (AAST-IRC), the World Coalition for Trauma Care ( WCTC), the University of Miami and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU - ITSDP) hold several COVID-19 sessions from March-August, 2020. Watch the COVID-19 series to hear from physicians and health care staff who managed COVID-19 patients


Webinars, statements, support, handbooks and guidance relevant to COVID-19

Watch recordings of previous COVID-19 sessions

Session 1 (3/18/20) - Lessons learn in China, Italy, Spain and other countries

Session 2 (3/25/20) - Review of the past, currently situation on several locations about COVID-19, new challenges and treatments

Session 3 (4/1/20) -  COVID-19 current situation in various countries. Learned lessons

Session 4 (4/8/20) - Management of the first 200 Critical COVID-19 patients in NY and other countries  Presenters: Dr. Rafael Barrera (NY-USA),Dr. Ali Jafarian (Iran), and Dr. Muro Zago and Dr. Hayato Kurihara (Italy)

Session 5 (5/15/20) - Trends and Treatment of COVID-19.Presenters & Panelists: Dr. Ali Jafarian (Iran), Dr. Rafael Barrera (Long Island-NY); Dr. Raul Coimbra (WTC); Dr. Antonio Marttos (UM/Florida) Dr. Michel Aboutanos (VCU/Virginia); Mr Li Hsee (New Zealand); Dr. Boffard (South Africa); Dr Weidun Alan Guo (Buffalo,NY)

Session 6 (4/22/20) - Current protocols and strategies to treat COVID-19 and therapeutic schemes and outcomes. Dr. Lilian Abbo (University of Miami);  Drs. Hayato Kurihara and Alessandro Jachetti  (University of Milan) and other care specialties from many medical and surgical societies and educational

Session 7 (4/29/20) - "What happens after flattening the curve, when and how to reopen hospitals and elective surgery". Panelists Drs. Thomas Scalea, David Spain, Omaida Velasquez, Tina Gaarder, and Dr. Hsee.

Session 8 (5/6/20) -  “COVID-19 Challenges in South America and New Research Initiatives, Treatments and Experiences Around the World” Presenters: Dr. Tercio de Campos,Dr. Juan Carlos Salamea, Dr. Rafael Barrera, and Dr. Camilo Ricordi

Session 9 (5/13/20) “Trauma Care in the Times of COVID-19. Main challenges, how to protect Trauma and ER teams, protocols and guidelines changes.”  Presenters: Dr. Tercio de Campos, Dr. Juan Carlos Salamea , Dr. Rafael Barrera, Dr. Camilo Ricordi and a group of specialist from various medical and educational institutions.

Session 10 (5/20/20) Reintegration with COVID-19. Short and long term strategies. Main challenges and first impressions. Presenters: Dr. Vigneshwar Kasirajan, Dr. Tina Gaarder  

Session 11 (5/27/20) COVID-19 Situation in Latin America Presenters: Dr. Felipe Vega, Dr. Ricardo Herrera, Dr. Ricardo Lima, and together with a group of selected specialists from different trauma centers around the world.

Session 12 (06/03/20) COVID-19 Situation in Latin America Presenters: Dr.Esteban Foianini, Dr.William Sanchez, Dr.Pablo Ottolino, and together with a group of selected specialist from different trauma centers around the world. 

Session 13 (06/10/20) COVID-19 Situation in Latin America and critical care  Presenters: Dr.Jorge Neira, Dr.Thais Trapajos, Dr.Kristin Miller, and together with a group of selected specialist from different trauma centers around the world. 

Session 14 (6/17/2020) COVID-19. Update from Latin America and New York. Presenters: Dr. Gustavo Machain (Paraguay), Dr. Martha Quiodettis (Panama), and Dr. Rafael Barrera (USA, NY)

Session 15 (6/24/2020) COVID 19 series: The Effect of Reopening and Potential Covid-19 Resurge. Presenters: Dr. Marc de Moya, Dr. Hayato Kurihara,  Dr. Tina Gaarder, and other international professionals. 

Session 16 (07/01/2020) COVID 19 series: The Effect of Reopening and  Covid-19 Resurge.

Presenters: Dr. Raul Coimbra, Dr. Omaida Caridad VelazquezDr. Fabiano Perdigao Cotta and other international professionals. 

Session 17 (07/08/2020 COVID-19 series: How to Protect Health Care Professionals During Covid-19 Surge. Presenters: Dr. Francesco Vaia, Dr. Gerd Daniel Pust and other international professionals. 

Session 18 (07/15/2020) COVID-19 series: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Miami and Latin America. (in Spanish)  Presenters: Dr. Gabriel Ruiz, Dr. Esteban Foianini joined by Panelist: Dr. Jorge Neira, Dr. Juan Carlos Salamea, Dr. Gustavo Machain, Dr. Carlos Ordoñez, Dr. Luis Herrera, Dr. Pablo Ottolino, Dr. Ruben Peralta and Dr. Felipe Vega.

Session 19 (07/29/2020) COVID-19 series: The Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Latin America. How to deal with it with limited resources. (in Spanish)  Presenters: Dr. Anamaría Pacheco, Dr. Luis Ricardo Herrera, Dr. Andre Gusmão along with the following group of expert panelists: Dr. Esteban Foianini, Dr. Jorge Neira, Dr. Juan Carlos Salamea, Dr. Martha Quiodettis, Dr. Felipe Vega. 

Session 20 (08/12/2020) COVID-19 Latest Updates regarding Treatment, Research, and Vaccines Presenters: Dr. Carl I. Schulman, Dr. Susanne Doblecki-Lewis, Dr. Rekha Rapaka and along with an excellent group of panelists.

Session 21 (08/26/2020) COVID-19 Latest Updates regarding Treatment, Antibody Testing, and Vaccines for COVID-19 in Latin America (in Spanish) Presenters: Dr. Florencia Cahn, Dr. Ricardo Lima and along with an excellent group of panelists.

DownloadHandbook for COVID-19 Prevention -& Treatment from China

International trauma grand-rounds: Surgery in the time of COVID-19

AAST COVID-19 Resources

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

World Health Organization


Webinars, statements, handbooks and guidance relevant to COVID-19


To the Trauma and Critical Care Community

For over 30 years, the Panamerican Trauma Society has provided leadership in the care of the injured and critically ill in all of the Americas. The Covid-19 pandemic has quickly become one of the most important and frightening healthcare challenges in any of our lifetimes.  No one person or one group has all the answers. We are all creating these answers as we attempt to create solutions for systems as well as individual patients. On March 18, 2020, the PTS hosted a teleconference on Covid-19 that was attended by over 250 participants. The dialogue was impressive as people from many countries shared their perspective. 

The  PTS is pleased to share that teleconference with the entire Trauma and Critical Care Community. These teleconferences will be ongoing. Please check this website for further information. The PTS intends to stay as close to the front of this as possible to provide a forum for discussion and serve as a source of information in these troubling times.  

We wish all of our colleagues the best of luck as we all try to mitigate the effects of Covid-19. Please stay as safe as possible. We will come out of this better educated, better prepared, and stronger together.

Thomas M. Scalea MD

Executive Director

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