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By laws Committee


The Bylaws Committee is a standing committee that aims to assist Executive Committee (EC) in the maintenance and accuracy of the Society's governing documents, and to help the EC with the development and presentation of amendments to the Articles of Incorporation of the Society to the PTS membership (general assembly).

Student Subcommittee 


To provide an area for medical students to become integral members of the Panamerican Trauma Society by increasing collaboration, discussion and partnership between students throughout the Americas.


Serving as the initial access point for medical students and educators interested in trauma, critical care, injury prevention and other society activities, the Committee will offer various benefits to its members.


To promote the development of international collaborations between future health professionals in the areas of clinical trauma and critical care, trauma systems development, and injury prevention.

To utilize the broad resources of the PTS for the goal of better educating future providers of trauma care, leaders of trauma systems, and injury prevention programs.

To facilitate awareness of different models for student research and clinical skills development activities.

Nursing Subcommittee 


The mission of the Committee of Nursing Panamerican Trauma Society is to ensure, throughout America, a nursing care to trauma patients based on scientific evidence, by way of encouragement for the development of nursing research in trauma, continuous updating and quality education ensuring high standards in nursing care and safety for the victim of trauma.


To be an international reference center for nurses who provide care to victims of trauma to obtain satisfactory results.


To promote education for nurses and other nursing professionals to allow continuous updating of knowledge on the management of the trauma patient

To promote researches in trauma nursing

To develop and promulgate SPT courses

To participate in the Trauma System development and implementation

To participate in the development and implementation of the Trauma Registry

To be active participants in the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Programs

To develop strategies to increase the membership of nurses and nursing professionals

To collaborate in the integration of nursing in interdisciplinary teams responsible for the care of trauma patients.


Leadership in the permanent search for quality care

Responsibility in the dissemination of knowledge

Collaboration and teamwork

Commitment, respect and ethics

Honesty and social responsibility

Resident Subcommittee 


To provide a pathway for all trauma care-related residency students to become outstanding active members of the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) by encouraging participation in activities organized by the PTS and collaboration with their fellow residents from all regions.


The residents committee will serve as an entrance point to the Panamerican Trauma Society for postgraduate students interested in all fields of trauma prevention and care in order to promote interaction with all activities and committees offered by the PTS to all its members.

Pre-Hospital Subcommittee 


Our mission will be to enhance the quality of the prehospital trauma care in the Panamerican region, focused in education, proficiency and patient safety. Our effort will be based in the prehospital trauma care systems guidelines of the World Health Organization and the strength of the academic network of our society members.


To encourage and to implement the training and continuing education of paramedic personnel and all the actors involved in prehospital trauma care in the Pan-American region, including physicians, nurses, technicians, first responders and rescue volunteers.

To study and to analyze several aspects of prehospital trauma care in high, middle and low income countries in the Pan-American region promoting research and capacity building for these environments according to international guidelines and evidence based medicine.

To promote public policies and standards of care in order to reach an appropriate quality of prehospital trauma care focused on patient safety and improvement of outcomes. 

Education Subcommittee 


The mission of the Education Committee is to promote quality continuing education opportunities by providing leadership in the creation, development, implementation and evaluation of diverse range of educational programs and services which support lifelong learning opportunities in Trauma                                              


A long-term strategy and plan for further development and delivery of a quality education service in the research and management of trauma that is inclusive of all countries and societies, making the PTS a society where the worldwide scientific community would like to actively participate.


The Education Committee will lead on a number of initiatives, which include:

The development of an education strategy for innovative continuing education.

The promotion of basic and clinical research in trauma

Develop and launch Panamerican educational initiatives, which address the region s need for prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of the trauma patients.

Create continuing education and professional-development opportunities for health care providers and practitioners at Panamerican Trauma Society meetings.

Develop and build partnerships with selected North American and European organizations to enhance educational opportunities

Telemedicine Subcommittee 


Share knowledge for the optimal care of trauma patients based on best practices

Discuss strengths and weaknesses of treatment modalities and lessons learned

Educational opportunity for physicians, trainees, and medical students,

Professional networking & collaboration opportunities on an international level

Trauma Systems Committee 


To mark the structural basis for the development of efficient and timely systems in trauma patient care in all countries of Latin America, with a high sense of quality and safety, by spreading the concept of trauma response teams, with standardized activation criteria and a trauma registry for statistical and research purposes, to promote injury prevention in Latin America.


To be the platform for the implementation of an autonomous structure in each Latin American country to determine the guidelines for the development of mature trauma systems, adopting a single Latin American trauma registry to generate the information needed to promote research for improvement of trauma care, mostly in middle and low-income countries with effective tools for quality care at low cost and measures affecting injury prevention in each country, in constant support with a quality program which contributes in reducing preventable trauma deaths throughout Latin America.

Values: Quality, Work, Integration, Constancy, Commitment

Disaster Subcommittee 


To promote education on Disaster Medical Response and stimulate research in this field.


Disasters can happen at anytime and anywhere. We strive to promote medical education to enhance disaster preparedness as well as disaster management worldwide.

Values & Objectives

Our main objective is to promote education through the Advanced Disaster Medical Response Course (ADMR). As a secondary objective, the Disaster Subcommittee intends to stimulate research through annual grants and participation at the Annual PTS Congress Paper Competition.

Injury Prevention Subcommittee 


The Injury Prevention Committee is a multidisciplinary group of health care providers working to prevent injuries and violence throughout the Americas through the development and implementation of programs appropriate for the needs and resources of each country.


To be a leader in preventing and reducing injuries and violence throughout the Americas


Characterize injury as a public health problem

Detail the impact of injury

Identify control strategies

Highlight the key elements of effective programs

Address obstacles and catalogue resources

Identify provider’s role in prevention

Media Relations Subcommittee 


To find an efficient and effective way to communicate to everyone about the activities carried out by the committees and subcommittees, and keep the PTS community informed about the society's work.

Promote the academic events carry out by the PTS in the American hemisphere, and announce the scientific publications made by members of our society.


Keep all members and community in general informed about the activities carried out or to be carried out by the PTS.

Aim to integrate all members to achieve common goals.

Strengthen the interpersonal relationships of all members.

Encourage the participation of PTS members in scheduled or planned activities.


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