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Problems renewing your membership?

Follow the step by step instructions on how to renew your annual membership & reset your password.

We invite you to renew and/or apply for a membership through your local society for a discount on your membership with the PTS. If this is not possible, you can renew your membership as an independent member through our Web site Please follow the steps below to access your personal profile, update your profile, renew your membership and pay through the Internet.

Guide to Renew Membership/Reset Password

1) Go to the home page of the PTS -

2) Go to the top right side of the screen, next to the Facebook and Twitter logos and click on “Login” (highlighted below in yellow).  You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and password.  Please enter your email address associated with the PTS.


3) If you have forgotten your password, or to get a new password, you must go to "Forgot password” (highlighted in yellow below).  If you know your password, please skip to step 8.  


Once you click "Forgot password", a new window will open.

4) Enter your email in the first box.  In the second box, enter the characters you see immediately below, in the box that says "Code".

5) Click on the box "Submit". Once you click that option an e-mail will automatically be sent to the email address that you provided in the box.

6) Go to your personal e-mail for instructions to create your password to access the system. In your email you will receive a link like this:

When you open the link in your e-mail you can CREATE your personal password. Write it down and remember that password to access your data in the future.

7) With the password you created, go back to our website,, and click “Login” once again – located on the top right side of the screen, next to the Facebook and Twitter logos.  Enter your e-mail address and password and you will have access to your profile where you can update your information and renew your membership.

8) Once logged in, you should see the home screen, with a special message on the bottom right of the screen.  The message will say that your membership has lapsed.  Click on this link.

9) If you do not need to change your membership level, please click the “Renew Until XXXX” button.  If you need to change your membership level, please click the corresponding button.  Each membership level has its own associated cost.  Please select the appropriate level.

1) Medical: unaffiliated independent Member
2) Physician: U.S. Canada, and other non-Latin Countries
3) Resident, Nurse, Paramedic, Physicians Assistant
4) Student
5) Other Professionals
6) Member of a local society affiliated with PTS

Once you have clicked on “Renew until”, you will see the following screen:

*** Please, if your information or profile needs to be updated, do so now, on this screen!***

10)  Once you have verified that all of your information is up to date, please click “Update and next” to pay the membership fee.

11)  Here you can conveniently renew with a credit card or with PayPal.  Once payment is complete, you will receive a confirmation email, with details on your membership status.  Please keep this document for your files.  This can be used as confirmation/proof of membership.  The PTS currently does not issue membership certificates.

Thank you for renewing your membership with the Panamerican Trauma Society and helping us make a difference in the lives of trauma victims.

 If you have any other questions please feel free to contact us.

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