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Deadlines for Abstracts and manuscripts submissions for oral presentations:


Phase I: 
Abstract Submission

May  3, 2021 (Hrs. 11:59 pm EST).  Abstract Submission Closed

300-word abstract

Phase II. a:
Oral Podium Presentations

The contact authors of selected abstracts for oral presentations will be notified via e-mail, including instructions to submit manuscripts to be eligible for an oral presentation. Manuscript submission due date, October 25!


Phase II. b:
Mini-oral presentations

The contact authors of selected abstracts for mini-oral presentations will be notified via e-mail.  See information about mini-oral presentations

 Abstract Submission FAQs 


Phase I: Abstract Submission Guidelines

A. General Requirements

The Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS) encourages all health care personnel interested in trauma care to present an abstract focused  on this area. The abstract should describe original research in trauma care, critical care, injury prevention, or burn care. The abstract  must consist of original material not published prior to the PTS symposium in November, 9-11, 2021 (TBC) or previously presented in other national or international conferences. Local presentations are allowed.

B. Submission Requirements

  1. Use the PTS Online Abstract Submission Format to send your abstract. We do not accept abstracts by email.
  2. Use Arial 10 font.
  3. Include a list of authors in order of relevance in the workplace, including health care center, city, state and country. Maximum 10 members per group. Indicate the person who will be presenting and the person who will be the corresponding author (contact person). The order of authors may not be changed in the presentation or publication in the Journal.
  4. The abstract should contain no more than 300 words including: Objective, Methods, Results and Conclusions.
  5. The abstract can be sent in English, Spanish or Portuguese.
  6. All authors must select a type of presentation: Oral presentation only, mini-oral presentation only, or both (oral and mini-oral presentation). Please indicate if the abstract is to be considered for oral or mini-oral presentation, or both.
  7. All authors must select an abstract category. Please choose between:  Student research competition,  Resident research competition, and General Research competition. 
  8. All papers submitted for oral or mini-oral presentations must must consist of original material unpublished and not  presented nationally or internationally prior to the annual PTS scientific event.

    a. Student Research Competition:
     This competition is open for all students in health related fields (medical students, nursing students, etc.). The student must be the first author in the abstract. If selected for oral or mini-oral presentation, the presenter must be the first author or a student who is a co-author of the paper. The student abstract must be sponsored by a senior member of the Panamerican Trauma Society.  A STUDENT  WHO HAS NOT YET GRADUATED FROM MEDICAL SCHOOL, MUST NOT LABEL HIMSELF/HERSELF AS A MD. Failure to comply will result in disqualification of your work.

    b. Resident Research Competition: This competition is open for all residents and fellows (surgery, critical care, emergency medicine, and other health related training). The resident or fellow must be the first author on the abstract. The abstract must be presented by the first author or co-author who is a resident or fellow.

    c. General Research Competition:
     This competition is open for all non-residents and non-students. If the abstract is selected for oral or mini-oral presentation, the presenter must be one of the authors listed in the abstract.

  9. All abstracts must be submitted electronically using the web-based submission format. Please DO NOT submit your abstract via e-mail.
  10. After submitting your abstract the corresponding author of your paper will receive an automated email message including a registration code of your paper. Please keep that code on your files to refer to your abstract. Please ensure that your email address is accurate.
  11. To make any changes to your abstract refer to the automated email message you received when you submitted an abstract. Click on the link to edit your abstract before the deadline of May 3 2021 (11:59 pm EST).
  12. No changes or additions to the abstracts are allowed after the submission due date . Please make sure to list all the authors who participated on the paper with correct full names.  | Top 

    C. Selection Process

    1. The abstract will be considered for review only if it is subject to the submission guidelines.
    2. Abstracts will be selected solely on the data submitted. Statements such as “further data will be presented” are strongly discouraged and will decrease the likelihood that the abstract will be selected for presentation at the PTS Annual Meeting.
    3. All abstracts will be evaluated based on the following aspects:

      a. Compliance with the submission requirement
      b. Objectives
      c. Research method
      d. Application of epidemiological tools
      e. Coherence of the conclusion
      f. Impact of research

    4. Abstracts selected for oral presentations will be presented at a plenary session during the PTS congress. 
    5. Abstracts selected for oral presentations will be eligible to participate in the research competition.
    6. Abstracts selected for mini oral presentations will be presented during the PTS Congress. 
    7. Participants must provide the PTS with an active email address of a correspondent author (contact person). All relevant information in reference to an abstract will be sent via e-mail to the correspondent (contact) author ONLY, who will then be responsible for communication with the co-authors. Other pertinent information about the call for abstracts will be posted on this site.
    8. All accepted abstracts for oral (podium) presentations will be considered for publication in the proceedings of the Congress and in a supplemental issue of the Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical care, and Emergency Surgery.  | Top

    Phase II. a: Oral Podium Presentation–Research Paper Competition 

    The 300-word abstracts submitted by May 3, 2021 will be assessed and selected for oral podium presentation.  ONLY the corresponding author (contact person) of a selected abstract for oral presentation will be notified via e-mail that his/her abstract has been accepted for oral presentation.

    A. General Requirements

    The contact author (correspondent) of a selected abstract for oral presentation who sent an abstract by the deadline (May 3, 2021) will be notified via e-mail that his/her work has been selected for oral presentation.

    Please note:  All abstracts selected for oral presentation must be submitted either as a 3-page manuscript,  OR submit a 4-15 page manuscript in order to be eligible to participate in the research competition. All these manuscripts will become the property of the PTS Journal (The Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery), which will have right of first refusal.

    All manuscripts of selected papers for oral presentations will be published at the Panamerican Journal of Trauma. If you want to publish your work elsewhere, please refrain from submitting an abstract for oral presentation or research competition!

    Deadline for submission of manuscript:  October 25, 2021

    (Note: This applies only to authors of accepted papers for oral podium presentation) | Top

    B. Manuscript Submission Requirements

    To be considered for the PTS research paper competition, all participants selected for oral presentations must submit a full manuscript by the specified deadline. Authors must submit a minimum 3 page manuscript to participate in the oral presentation, or a 4-15 page manuscript to enter the research competition (recommended). This manuscript should be submitted as a final report of a research project following the guidelines of scientific journal publications stated in the Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery (PAJTCCES). See Annex 1 "Instructions for Authors" to meet requirements.    

    1. The manuscript should be prepared in Word format and should not exceed 25 pages.
    2. Use Arial 11 and double-spaced font.
    3. The manuscript may be sent in English, Spanish or Portuguese by e-mail to:, as well as to PAJTCCES by logging on to . The name of your electronic file send by email must include: the category of competition (General, Resident, or Student), the name of the person who is presenting, and the abstract code designated. Sample: Resident-Peter Smith-ILOGB-6 
    4. The manuscript must be written in the same language as the submitted abstract.
    5. The oral presentation, the manuscript, and the abstract must be in the same language. Breach of this requirement will result in elimination of that paper from the presentations session.
    6. The manuscript should include the following information: 

      a. Abstract Code: (XXXX)

      b. Abstract Title: (XXXX)

      c. Category: - (General, Resident, or Student)

      d. Presenters Name: (XXXX)

      e. Co-authors: (XXXX)

      f. Institution: (XXXX)

    7. The evaluation will be based on the quality of the presentation and the quality of the content of the manuscript.  The evaluation will be based on the following criteria: 
      a. Objectives
      b. Research method
      c. Application of epidemiological tools
      d. Coherence of the conclusion
      e. Impact of research

    8. Please keep your e-mail address active, as all relevant information will be sent via e-mail to the contact author only.
    9. On-time submission of your manuscript is mandatory.  Statements such as “further data will be presented” are strongly discouraged and will decrease the likelihood to be eligible for an oral presentation and participation in the research competition at the PTS Annual Congress.

    C. Presentation Instructions for Oral and Mini-Oral Virtual Presentations 

    Guidelines to prepare presentation

    1. The presenter must send a video presenting his/her research paper. 
    2. The presenter of an oral presentation will have  seven minutes (7' ) of presentation
    3. The presenter of a mini-oral presentation will have three minutes (3')  of presentation. 
    4. The first screen of the video presentation must include: 

      a. Abstract Code: (XXXX)

      b. Abstract Title: (XXXX)

      c. Category: - (General, Resident, or Student)

      d. Presenters Name: (XXXX)

      e. Co-authors: (XXXX)

      f. Institution: (XXXX)

    5. The rest of the presentation should include: methods, results, conclusions and references.

    6. The recommended fonts for the video presentation are Arial and Calibri.

    7. The video file must be in MP4 format, and it may include: photographs, graphics, and videos.

    8. The mini-oral presentation must be in the same language of the submitted abstract to the PTS (English, Spanish, Portuguese)

    9. Presenters  of an Oral presentation must send their videos by  October 25, 2021

    10. Presenters of a mini-oral presentation must send their videos by October 25, 2021

    11. Send videos by email  to The name of the video file must include: Category-Abstract code-Type of presentation-Presenters name. Sample: Student-SLQU44-MINIORAL-ROB SMITH.

    12. All presentations (General, Resident, Student) will be broadcasted online (time and date TBD).

    Guidelines for recording you presentation. We recommend two options to record a presentation with audio:

    Option 1 - Zoom (PREFERRED FORMAT): We suggest presenters to use zoom to record audio and video synced with their presentation file. We suggest presenters to open a free account in Zoom to record video presentations. Click here to read instructions that may help you to create an account in zoom, record and save a video. If the presenter chooses to record a presentation using Zoom,  PTS encourages the use of the following background when recording your presentation (click here) For instructions on how to enable a Virtual Background, please visit the Zoom website.

    Option 2 - Microsoft PowerPoint (PREFERRED FORMAT): We advice presenters to make a PowerPoint presentation with narration and then convert the file presentation into video format by saving the PowerPoint file as MPV4. Click here to read and watch how to save presentations as video.

    Also, we suggest you to watch the following tutorials that could help you record your video.

    1.  ||


    3.      If possible, we recommend that you also caption your presentation video to make it accessible to all audience members. Please visit the link below that could help you to include a closed caption to your presentation 


    Annex 1: Panamerican Journal of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery top

    Instructions for Authors of Oral Podium Presentations

    1. Title Page: The first page of the manuscript should include: title of the manuscript, article type, and name(s) of all authors, including graduate degrees of authors, and the name of institution or affiliation where the work was done.

    2. Abstract Structure: An abstract of 300 words or less should be submitted in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Abstracts are needed for original scientific articles only. Short summaries or introductions in English, Spanish or Portuguese should be submitted for all other articles. The format for the abstract is:
    a. Background
    b. Study Design
    c. Results
    d. Conclusions

    3. Text: The original scientific article should be divided into four sections:

    a. Introduction

    b. Methods of research

    c. Results

    d. Discussion

    Articles should use generic names for drugs and in parentheses it should be provided the trade name, and company. Do not use patient names, initials, or hospital numbers.

    4. References: References should be listed in consecutive numerical order as they are cited in the text. Once a reference is cited, all subsequent citations should be to the original number. All references must be cited in the text or tables. References to journal articles should include: authors, title, journal name as abbreviated in Index Medicus, year, volume number, and page numbers in that order. References to books should include: authors, chapter title, if any; editor in any; title of book; year; city and publisher. Volume and edition numbers, specific pages, and name of translator should be included when appropriate. The author is responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the references and for their correct text citation.

    5. Originality: Manuscript and illustrations submitted for consideration should not have been published elsewhere except for such preliminary material presented to the Panamerican Trauma Society.

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