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Our Position:
A call to end violence by firearms

Once again the American continent was shaken by the news of a massacre: 17 people killed with an assault rifle in a Florida school in the United States. Once again the trauma health professionals, and members of the Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS), felt the sadness and shared the suffering of many families and friends of the victims. After all, caring for a multitude of people with injuries inflicted by firearms is part of our daily activities where death is a common occurrence, almost “routine” were not for the fact that they happen to be human beings. Besides offering the best trauma care available to keep the victims alive, we are often the first to inform families and friends of the outcome. Too often we see ourselves trying to console families in a moment when no one can quite see the reason for what happened to their sons, daughters, partners or anyone that had the life shortened much earlier than expected.

Firearm violence is common across the entire American continent. This week also registered multiple deaths by firearms not only in a single school in the United States but also in Rio de Janeiro amidst escalating police brutality, in Venezuela where the state forces attack the populace, in Colombia, in Mexico—in almost every large city of the continent where the number of victims of gun violence continues to be unacceptably high.

All deaths by firearms are preventable. As health professionals that see the faces of the victims and walk over the blood trails they leave in our hospital floors and operating rooms, we feel as our responsibility to advocate for our patients and victims, and condemn all forms of firearm violence. No individual has the right to kill another.

It may be difficult for the members of the PTS to know what they can do to reduce the number of such deaths. One option may be simply expressing (not only in the silence of our hospitals and emergency departments) our repudiation and disapproval to this form of violence. This simple act may have more impact than we expect, and each one of us can do it. After all, we have the ears of our patients, their families and friends, and the respect of our fellow citizens.

This is the moment to express our sadness and sympathies for the families and friends of the victims of this week’s massacre, but it is also the moment to do something about it – injury prevention, literally. As a Society, we will bring the topic of gun violence to the Congress in Cartagena, and call our members to openly express their repudiation and to demand real changes to end all forms of gun violence, everywhere across the American continent. 

January 2018:

May Dr. Carlos Moreno Fernández Rest in Peace

Ciudad de Mexico, Mexico

We are sorry to hear the news that Dr. Carlos Moreno passed away.
Dr. Moreno was one of the PTS founders who had a vision to improve the management of trauma patients among Latin American countries.
Our prayers and thoughts are with Dr. Moreno’s Family during this difficult moment.
Be strong!

Panamerican Trauma Society - 1/22/2018

Read more how Dr. Moreno contributed to the PTS 
Read more about Dr. Moreno's profile

Strengthening Our Commitment to Trauma Care.  

Buenos Aires, Argentina:  PTS officer visits hospital provincial San Roque de Gonnet, Buenos Aires, Argentina.  January, 17, 2018 - Read more >>>

AUGUST - november 2017:  

1st PTS Trauma Nursing Course in Lima, Peru!

Lima, Peru: Last  November 23-25, it was held the  "I Curso Internacional de Enfermería en Trauma"  in Lima, Peru, organized by the College of Nurses of Peru; the Peruvian Scientific Society of Pediatric Nursing and the Transfer System of Emergency (STAE).

During this event was carried out the first 'Trauma Nursing Course’ of the Panamerican Trauma Society with the participation of nurses from all corners of Peru associated to emergency pre & intra-hospital.

Throughout the course, participants experienced an educational atmosphere of camaraderie that allowed highlighting the role of nursing as a vital member of a trauma team.  Moreover, the need to work for an Integral Trauma Care System as a strategy to reduce the mortality and morbidity of this disease that generates enormous economic costs to society and creates deep scars to the affected families.

The teaching team consisted of nurses from the Panamerican Trauma Society of Uruguay (Lic. Gaspar Reboredo), Cuba (Lic. Elier Carrera) and Peru (Lic. Jorge Inga and Lic. Madelaine Cubas). All instructors are committed to advance the PTS objectives:  Improve the quality of life of trauma victims and decrease mortality in the Americas.

We thank Lic. Gaspar Reboredo, Chair of the PTS Nursing Sub-committee for providing this information and photography

PTS Courses Held in Nicaragua and Uruguay!

The PTS is pleased to inform that two of our educational courses were held in August and September in both Nicaragua and Uruguay!

On August 28 and 29, 2017, The Panamerican Trauma Society and the International Trauma System Development Program (PTSITSDP) teamed with Operation Smile to carry out the Essential Trauma Course (EsTC) in Siuna, Nicaragua.NICARAGUA: On August 28 and 29, 2017, The Panamerican Trauma Society and the International Trauma System Development Program (PTS/ITSDP) teamed with Operation Smile to carry out the Essential Trauma Course (EsTC) in Siuna, Nicaragua. This inaugural course was very successful as it had 45 participants from 4 different cities and included surgeons, 1 anesthesiologist, a pediatric surgeon, orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians, nurses and nurse’s aides. 

The course director was ITSDP–VCU’s Dr. Edgar B. Rodas, from Richmond, VA who was joined by international instructors and PTS members: Dr. Martha Quiodettis from Panama, Dr. Marcelo Ribeiro from Brazil, and Dr. Hernan Sacoto from Ecuador.  They were also assisted by the following local instructors: Dr. Juan Sanchez Fuentes, Dr. Kevin Maltes, Dr. Mauricio Lopez, Dr. Fanor Garcia Arbizu, and Dr. Luis Guerrero.

The local instructors are now The local instructors are now certified and ready to share this course throughout Nicaragua under the sponsorship of the PTSITSDP.certified and ready to share this course throughout Nicaragua under the sponsorship of the PTS/ITSDP.

Additionally, utilizing a software developed in Ecuador in collaboration with CEDIA, a research institution with whom we had previously partnered in Bolivia, we conducted a site evaluation of the local trauma system. Finally, as part of the educational process, course participants, hospital administrators and the national director of hospitals of Nicaragua discussed the importance and usefulness of starting a Trauma Registry.  As a result, a demonstration of the ITSDP / PTS Trauma Registry’s features was given.

We thank Dr. Edgar Rodas and Marcelo Ribeiro, Jr. for providing the photography

URUGUAY:  On September 1, 2017, the second Trauma Nursing Course of the Panamerican Trauma Society was held at the SUAT Emergency Training Center in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Second Trauma Nursing Course of the Panamerican Trauma Society was held in Uruguay, September 2017It was attended by nurses linked to pre- and intra-hospital emergencies from all corners of Uruguay.

During the course there was an educational atmosphere of camaraderie that highlighted the nursing role as a key member of the trauma team, as well as the need to work towards an Integral System of Attention to Trauma as a strategy to reduce the mortality and morbidity of this disease that generates enormous economic expenses to the society and deep scars to the families affected.

The teaching team was formed by members of our Society, Local Course Director Gaspar Reboredo, accompanied by Pamela Leiza, and Marita Acosta, all registered nurses and instructors committed to the objectives of the PTS.

We thank Gaspar Reboredo for providing the photography

AUGUST 2017:

Announcing Dr. David Feliciano as the "Aurelio Rodriguez" Speaker at the 2017 Congress!

Dr. David V. Feliciano, MD

The Panamerican Trauma Society is proud to announce DR. DAVID V. FELICIANO as the "Aurelio Rodriguez" speaker at the 30th Annual Panamerican Congress of Trauma, Critical Care and Emergency Surgery!

David V. Feliciano, MD was on the faculty at Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis, Indiana, from 2013-2017. He was the Battersby Professor of Surgery, Chief of the Division of General Surgery, and Chief of Surgery at Indiana University Hospital. As of October 1, 2017, he will become a Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Maryland, and an attending surgeon at the Shock Trauma Center, University of Maryland Medical Center.

Dr. Feliciano is a native of New York City, graduated from Georgetown University School of Medicine, Washington, DC, and completed his residency in general surgery at the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota. He then completed an abbreviated fellowship in Trauma Surgery at Detroit Receiving Hospital/Wayne State University School of Medicine, Detroit, Michigan, and a 6-month Vascular Fellowship under Michael E. DeBakey at Methodist Hospital/Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.

His curriculum vitae includes 298 peer-reviewed or solicited papers published or in press, 173 chapters published or in press, 20 books, and 68 miscellaneous publications. He is a Co-Editor of the textbook TRAUMA, which has just been published in its Eighth Edition.

Dr. Feliciano has received 38 Teaching Awards from surgical residents, medical students, a medical school Dean, and a medical school alumni association. He was the first “Grady Healthcare Hero” in 2011 at Grady Memorial Hospital/Emory University School of Medicine, where he was Surgeon-in-Chief from 1992-2011. In 2016, he received the first “Teaching Legends Award” from the Department of Surgery at Indiana University. Also, he received the Mayo Clinic “Distinguished Alumni Award”, one of four physicians chosen from all Mayo alumni around the world, in November, 2016. In addition, Dr. Feliciano is a former Director (member) of The American Board of Surgery (2001-2007), former Chair of the American College of Surgeons Advisory Council for General Surgery (2007-2011), and has been President of 8 surgical societies (American Association for the Surgery of Trauma, Atlanta Surgical Society, Georgia Surgical Society, Panamerican Trauma Society, Priestley Society (Mayo-trained surgeons), Southeastern Surgical Congress, Southwestern Surgical Congress, Western Trauma Association).

Dr. Feliciano is married to Grace S. Rozycki, MD, MBA, RDMS.  Dr. Rozycki is the Willis D. Gatch Professor of Surgery at Indiana University, Associate Chair of the Department of Surgery at Indiana University School of Medicine, and Chief of Surgery at IUH Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis, Indiana. Dr. Feliciano is the proud father of sons David J. Feliciano, MEdu (Houston, Texas) and Douglas D. Feliciano, MPA, JD (Santa Clara, California).

JULY 2017:   

PTS Courses Held in Cuba!

The PTS is pleased to report that three of our educational courses were held during the month of May on the Caribbean island of Cuba. The ADMR (Advanced Medical Response to Disasters), USET (Ultrasound in Emergency & Trauma), and TNC (Trauma Nursing Course) courses were held as part of the 4th International Symposium on Trauma and 2nd Workshop on Emergency Surgery: Safety and Quality of Surgical Patients. (Cuban Society of Surgery / Trauma Section)

The courses were coordinated by Dr. Marc De Moya (USA), with the help of Dr. Cristiane De Alencar Domingues (Brazil), Dr. José Cruvinel Neto (Brazil), Dr. Susan Briggs (USA), and Gaspar Reboredo (Uruguay). They worked with Cuban health care professionals to form a group capable of replicating the educational strategy carried out by the Panamerican Trauma Society.

The following doctors and nurses also served as instructors: Dr. David Lawlor (Boston), Dr. Andrew Liteplo (Boston), Dr. João Paulo Ripardo (Brazil), Dr. Tanya Zakrison (Miami), Dr. Daniel Pust (Miami), and Jasmin Garces (New Jersey). In addition, we also had two local instructors from Cuba join us in this task: Nurses Elier Carrera and Mayelín Durruthy.

Amongst the participants were chiefs and sub-chiefs of nursing, emergency service doctors, and pre-hospital medical personnel from all parts of Cuba. The President of the Cuban Society of Nursing also participated in the event, which facilitated the PTS reaching out to a large part of the nursing community on the island.

Thanks to the remarkable effort, commitment, and work of Cuban medical personnel, we were able to carry out high quality educational courses. The learning objective was met. Based on the results, the activity was a success, as there was a transfer of knowledge and the participants took away an excellent image of the educational proposals of the Panamerican Trauma Society.

Participants completed a survey to provide feedback. Most praised the activity.  In fact, we were asked to replicate the activity more often and to repeat the activity in other parts of Cuba.

Developing our training programs in Cuba was exciting. The cultural context is an advantage; the high level of training that professionals receive make them more inclined to accept new approaches to trauma care. The fact that the entire population has access to the health care system was another huge advantage.

We take this opportunity to thank Dr. Marc De Moya for his key role in organizing these courses. The response was remarkable and the result was a warm, friendly and high quality scientific exchange for professionals working in different realities, but with the same goal: to improve trauma care in the Americas.

The PTS offers a comprehensive list of courses to promote the exchange of information and knowledge among physicians, nurses, emergency medical technicians, and other health personnel involved in the care of trauma patients in Latin America. If you are interested in organizing any of these courses, please contact us at  To find the next course near you, please visit our homepage under the Education tab.

We thank Gaspar Reboredo, the main contributor of this news piece.

The Panamerican Trauma Society plays an important role to advance Interprofessional Injury Care, Education, and Training by participating in global based nursing symposiums held in 2016 and 2017.

United States Trauma programs are traditionally team-based and require an inter-professional care, education, and training model, with special emphasis on the dynamic relationship between surgeons and nurses. The publication "Resources for Optimal Care of the Injured Patient", written by the American College of Surgeons - Committee on Trauma, helps highlight the importance of the roles and responsibilities of a Trauma Nursing Manager. It concludes this particular nursing position is crucial to "Trauma Center" designation in United States’ hospitals. The combination of these factors has improved injury outcomes in the United States and a Latin American application may be highly beneficial on a global scale.

The Panamerican Trauma Society (PTS), including its Nursing Subcommittee, together with Rutgers Global Surgery, Rutgers School of Nursing, and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH), supported by a grant from the Rutgers Centers for Global Advancement and International Affairs, jointly organized a global nursing symposium in New Jersey, USA in June 2016.

Consuelo Burbano, MSN, RN (University of Valle de Cali), Lisa Falcon, MSN, RN, TCRN, NE-BC, and Sue Willard, PhD, RN, APN-c (Rutgers University) provided a broad overview of trauma program and systems concepts and its application in low- and middle-income countries, specifically focusing on the development of the Trauma Nurse Manager role and models in nursing led performance improvement.

The Panamerican Trauma Society organized its Trauma Nursing Course for six nursing participants from Kenya and Colombia during the 2016 symposium. This effort was led by Cristiane de Alencar Domingues (chair of the Nursing Committee), Gaspar Reboredo, and Jasmine Garces. The PTS-Trauma Nursing Course certificates were ultimately awarded to all of the course participants: Consuelo Burbano, Francisco López, Ronal Bermúdez, Yuly Andrea Santa Mejía, Maira Azain (from Cali and Medellín, Colombia), John Okoth and Tecla Sum (Kenya), and Sol Angelica Muñiz (Puerto Rico).

Trauma resuscitation simulations were performed to demonstrate clinical and administrative interprofessional interdependence among nurses, students, surgeons, ER physicians, care coordinators, pharmacists, technicians, and students. "The symposium is the culmination of a bi-directional commitment to building trauma program and systems capacity with Dr. Carlos Ordonez from Colombia and other low- and middle-income countries. Academic Institutional partnerships, formed between high-income US universities and low-to-middle income universities in Latin America over the last decade has promulgated the education, training, and workforce expansion necessary for the current emergent surgery and injury burden globally”, says Dr. Gregory Peck of Rutgers Global Surgery.

The Rutgers Biomedical Health Sciences Global Health Institute and the SPT are planning a 2017 symposium, which will be held March 27-31, 2017 at Rutgers University. If you would like to participate, please contact Angelica Sol Muñiz, PhDs, MSN, RN, FN, RPT at and Allissa Gerdes, MPH at

OCTOBER 2016:   

Thomas Scalea, MD, New Executive Director 

Thomas Scalea, MD New Executive Director of PTSThe Board of Directors of the PTS has elected Dr. Thomas Scalea as the next Executive Director of the Society for the term 2016-2019. The PTS is looking forward to reaching new heights of accomplishment under his leadership. Please join us in congratulating Dr. Scalea.


Education & Training 

University of Virginia, BA, 1974
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine, MD, 1978
Residency, Upstate Medical Center, General Surgery, 1983
Fellowship, New York Medical College-Valhalla, Critical Care/Trauma, 1984  

Dr. Scalea is globally recognized for being a pioneer in leadership and advancing the field of shock and injury care. As Physician and Chief of the R. Adams Cowley Shock Trauma Center, he heads the only freestanding trauma center in the nation and the best known trauma center in the world. It cares for over 8000 critically injured patients annually with a 96% survival rate. Dr. Scalea remains a busy clinician, working over 100 hours per week, and performing over 600 operative cases per year. Under his leadership, the Program in Trauma has expanded clinical services including caring for the emergency general surgery patients at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Dr. Scalea served as System Chief for critical care for the medical system and has built a region wide critical care program comprised of 18 ICUs and more than 300 beds.

In 2001, Dr. Scalea established a military training program, CSTARS, that has trained more than 4000 Air Force personnel before being deployed to war. Dr. Scalea has led international relief missions, including taking the only non-Chinese team to Sichuan and spearheading a six-month relief project after the Haitian earthquake, visiting Haiti four times himself. Dr. Scalea has health leadership positions in many national organizations and has received many local, regional and national honors. Dr. Scalea is a funded investigator and remains a prolific investigator mentoring many investigators from his department.

He was the President of the American Association for the Surgery of Trauma (2014- 2015) and the President of Western Trauma Association (2014-2015). He is the Chair of the Panamerican Trauma Society's Development and Scholarship Committee and also serves as a member of the Board of Directors.


World Trauma Congress
Panamerican Trauma Society Presents at WTC in New Delhi, India

President Michel Aboutanos, MD (USA) and President-Elect Carlos Ordoñez, MD (Colombia) presented at the WTC on Prevention of Youth Violence, and Hepatic Trauma Injuries. Also presenting were PTS members Marcelo Ribeiro, MD (SBAIT–Brazil ) and Michael Parra, MD (USA, Colombia).

MAY NEWS 2016:   

Mohamed Mohamed, MD visits Richmond, VA USA

Dr. Mohamed placing a pin on the map where his hometown is, a tradition for all those visiting RAAIntroducing Dr. Mohamed Mohamed, graduate of the University of Khartoum in Sudan and member of the Panamerican Trauma Society. Dr. Mohamed is currently observing activities in Richmond, VA. He has observed clinical and quality improvement activities at VCU Health, in addition he will be spending two weeks with Richmond Ambulance Authority with the objective of learning about prehospital systems and the USA trauma system as a whole.

He is here through the International Observership Program, a collaborative effort between the PTS, VCU ITSDP and RAA.

 Dr. Mohamed helping community members learn hands-only CPR through RAA Dr. Mohamed at Richmond Ambulance Authority call center 

APRIL NEWS 2016:   

Trauma Course | El Salvador

Dr. Quiodettis presenting Trauma Course in El Salvador, April 2016

On April 29th and 30th, PTS board member Dr. Martha Quiodettis participated in an inaugural trauma course in El Salvador. She presented on the deliverables of PTS and the advantages of joining the society. The conference was a great success as more than 100 surgeons participated. Thank you, Dr. Quiodettis !

added 5/2/16 MA 

2015 EMS Exchange Program in Colombia

Greetings from Colombia!

Jane LaVerne & EMS Exchange program

Jane Laverne and the group from Virginia Rescue Squad are having a great time in Colombia! 

The exchange has been in cities of Neiva, Bogota, Medellin and Calidad. This is part of the Panamerican Trauma Society EMS exchange program with VCU and the Virginia Association of Volunteer Rescue Squads.  


Conducting Research in Peru with PTS

Dr. Lacey N. LaGrone is spending this year (August 2015 – June 2016) in Peru conducting research in quality improvement programs in trauma and emergency surgery. Dr. LaGrone recently completed three years of general surgery residency and a Masters of Public Health at the University of Washington. She is currently supported by a fellowship from the National Institute of Health’s Fogarty International Clinical Research program.

Dr. LaGrone is mentored in collaboration with the Panamerican Trauma Society by Dr. Charles Mock from the University of Washington, Dr. Eduardo Huaman Egoavil of Hospital Nacional Guillermo Almenara, and Dr. Manuel Rodriguez Castro of Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia. Her primary project consists of a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the current use of trauma quality improvement programs, such as morbidity and mortality meetings and trauma registries, in Latin America. Her ancillary projects include efforts to define and implement a standardized morbidity and mortality conference in Peru, and reports which will highlight some of the many local successes in quality improvement.

Panamerican Trauma Congress 2015

Santa Cruz, Bolivia 2015 Congress Photos

This year's congress was a huge success, thanks to all who attended & we hope to see you next year in Brazil !

ACS 2015 Congress News:

Susan Miller Briggs, MD, MPH, was honored with the International Surgical Volunteerism Award for working with non-profit organizations and the US National Disaster Medical System to provide surgical care during humanitarian emergencies throughout the world.

Rifat Latifi, MD, FACS, a trauma and general surgeon from Tucson, AZ, received the International Surgical Volunteerism Award for helping to establish telemedicine and e-health programs in underdeveloped countries, especially those recovering from conflict and in need of major rebuilding of their health care systems.


Raul Coimbra, MD, PhD, FACS received the Meritorious Achievement Award Monday, October 5, at the annual Committee on Trauma (COT) dinner during ACS 2015 Clinical Congress. Dr. Coimbra was honored for his outstanding contributions to the ACS Regional Committees on Trauma (ACS RCOT) made during his term as the immediate past Vice-Chair of the ACS COT and Chair of the ACS RCOT.


Yellow May Movement 2015

#yellowmay  #maioamarelo  #mayoamarillo

 Join our Yellow May movement to increase road safety

Yellow May is an international movement to raise awareness of the need to increase road safety. Vehicular, bicycle, and pedestrian traffic should be safe to everyone in any situation.

To initiate a conversation about road traffic safety within communities in order to encourage the participation of citizens, businesses, governments, and organizations to this movement.

On May 11, 2011 the UN declared the month of May as the Decade of Action for Road Safety, and as a result, Brazil established May as the International Month of Road & Pedestrian Safety.

In Brazil where the movement was born, yellow is the color of attention and represents traffic warning signs.

Join the movement:

March News 2015:

The 1st International & National Meeting of Emergency Faculty of Medical Sciences from the National University of Caaguazú. The meeting was held on March 13-14th in Colonel Oveido in Paraguay.

Prof. Gustavo Marchain, MD, member of Panamerican Trauma Society and Sociedad Paraguaya de Trauma, said "This meeting is part of an action that aims to improve emergency and trauma care throughout Paraguay."

The event included USET and AMDR courses coordinated by Dr. José Cruvinel Neto and Dr. Bruno Pereira, both from the University of Campinas, Brazil, and featured a round table discussion of clinical cases. USET enrollment totaled 56 students and ADMR had 100 subscribers in attendance. According to organizers Dr. Ana Liz and University Directors, the event met their expectations and plans are to do more partnerships with trauma societies in Latin America.

This news is also available in Portuguese:

In addition, last week there was another event with 200 attendees:

Congratulations Drs.: Gustavo Machain, Jose Cruvinel and Bruno Pereira!

October 2014 | Member Spotlight:

Paula Ferrada, MD, PTS member and trauma surgeon at VCU Health Director of STICU and Associate Professor in the Division of Acute Care Surgical Services, discusses with Chris Porter at OnSurg about the benefits of international collaboration in academic surgery, Panamerican Trauma Society, and the benefits available to trauma professionals at this year's annual congress.


Panamerican Trauma Congress 2015 | photos

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