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Become a part of the ITSDP/PTS TRAUMA REGISTRY

Requirements to request use of the Trauma Registry (TR)

Welcome to the registry request service! 

   Please follow these key steps to request access to the Trauma Registry:  

  1. Send an official letter requesting access to the Trauma Registry (See sample letter). The letter must be addressed to the Trauma Registry Director. It must be written on institutional letterhead and signed by an official authority of the organization requesting registry.

  2. Trauma registry needs assessment. Please read this guide that provides information to facilitate trauma registry implementation at a hospital or institution. This guide offers insight of the resources needed for registry execution, i.e., human resources, training, equipment, space, and other logistics.

  3. Required information from participating institutions to access the TR Participant organizations must send the following information to access to the TR.
    • Provide primary contact person information (Name, Institution, Position, City, Telephone, Email, Address, Other)
    • Provide a list of the country provinces or states 
    • Provide the names of the hospitals in states or provinces that are involved in the care of injured patients, including hospitals of reference and counter reference
    • Provide names of all the users, roles and responsibilities (Data viewer, data entry, data manager), and contact information for each person.

      NOTE:  Send all information requested above on the corresponding Excel forms. Any other submission that is not in this format with not be accepted.
  4. Trauma registry data entry, inclusion, and exclusion criteria. This resource of information provides the best practices of data entry to ensure consistent data collection. Trauma registry users use this standard as a guide for selecting patients data  to enter into the trauma registry.

  5. Registry implementation proposal. After the first contact, you may receive a proposal for registry implementation including information about our services, deliverables, and cost. Note: the cost to implement the Registry Essential Elements Tier (per hospital) is free of charge! The proposal also includes information about the resources needed to implement the trauma registry.

  6. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). An MOU is required between parties to establish an official partnership and convey commitment.

Send required documents to:

ITSDP/PTS Headquarters Office
Email: &
Dr. Edgar Rodas:
Phone: (804)828.8576 | FAX: (804) 628-4861
Division of Acute Care Surgical Services
Department of Surgery
Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine
Box 980454
Richmond, VA 23298-0454

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